2016 Leadership Event in Hanoi

March 24, 2016

Hanoi – March 16, 2016

Over 60 attendees comprising HR leaders, HR professionals and business leaders from leading organisations in Vietnam participated in the event.

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The event were highly interactive involving presentations by Harvey Nash leaders and an interactive session by the panel list comprising Harvey Nash leaders and guest speakers.

Key Highlights from the sharing:


  • 66% of the respondents think CEO undervalues the top HR Leaders
  • Majority of HR Leaders in Vietnam are younger than the age of 50 yet 66% are member of the Board of Director
  • Talent management, recruitment and employee engagement are the top three HR priorities. 
  • While the Board globally sets high priority in employee engagement (60%), the Board in Vietnam wants HR to prioritise HR system & process (61%) to improve the HR operation itself
  • Recruitment remains the biggest challenge for HR professionals with 58% respondents agree, increase 3% from last year

Other Highlights:


  • Over 60% of participants at the event agreed that HR function should be better understanding the business strategy and challenges in order to deliver Boad’s expectations and add more value to the CEO
  • Only 11% of participants at the event think that HR professionals should deliver HR in digital world such as job board, corporate website, social media, LinkedIn, etc.

Overview of the Discussion by panel list:

  • Phan Phuong Dat, Former Vice President of Human Resources, FPT Software
  • Vu Thu Trang, Director of Human Resources, BIM Group
  • Tam Truong, Director of HR & Business Process Services, Harvey Nash
  • Alistair Copeland, Managing Director, Harvey Nash

The initial discussion revolved around industry landscape, human resource priorities and “How can HR add more value to the CEO” and focus on:

  • Capabilities to deliver: HR function to develop the leadership cadre, encourage a deeper understanding of business strategy and challenges, involve in strategy building and focus on measurable metrics.
  • Performance culture: HR should play a supportive role for functional leaders to solve the people problem and not take this charge solely. Doing this is not only level up the leadership competency but also enable a better understanding of HR’s value.
  • Recruitment in Vietnam is still depending heavily on personal network of recruiter which is not a sustainable solution. HR leaders should allow and try new and innovative tools for their workforce solution.

The participants were also introduced to ‘Temporary Staffing’, a new services by Harvey Nash Vietnam gives our clients fast access to highly skilled staff for short-term periods and because the staff are employed by Harvey Nash, there is no employment burden or risk.

Clients use Harvey Nash Temporary Staffing to:

  • Gain access to extra headcount to cover peak periods, or for the final push in a big project
  • Access qualified or technically skilled employees for a specific time period or short-term projects
  • Cover staff absences
  • Reduce employment burden and risk by supplementing their permanent team with more flexible resources

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