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C# Developer


C# Developer


Seeking for a Developer who is motivated and keen to grow. Our ideal candidate should have some experience with web API programming, strong logical thinking and is keen to keep himself or herself up to date with the latest server technology.

Job Level

1-2 years of experience

Position Type:

Full time

Perks and Benefits

14 days of leave benefits and 1 additional day per year of service

What you will be doing

1. Programming basic CRUD pages with proper design elements for admin panel.

2. Develop ideas for new functions and features.

3. Program and create logics for program logic and expose the functions as API.

4. Understand and can program authentication system for external parties to connect in and consumes the APIs

5. Taking lead on projects and enduring timeline is followed.

6. Collaborate with front-end developers and other programmers to complete project.

7. Compile, edit, code and troubleshoot existing code

8. Able to use GIT

9. Able to do ASP.NET C#

10. Able to translate jpeg design into HTML frontend

11. Able to work out and create MSSQL

12. Update team via email daily

13. Update team via Slack daily

Job Requirement

1. 1-2 years of backend programming

2. Able to type and understand clearly in English

3. Plus point if candidate can talk in English

4. No minimum education qualification required

5. May work overtime during project crunch period

6. Require to know ASP.NET C# stack

7. Good to know HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL

8. Good to know Windows Azure Setup

Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Ref No: HCM354

Application Deadline:

Type: Full time , Permanent

Salary Range: