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Project Director

Location: Vietnam
Hours of Work: 9:00am to 6:00pm

We are looking for project managers of B2B department in Vietnam. Successful candidate will work in project teams for entrusted software development customers. Working with the management team and overseas sales teams to promote development for customers, he/she will conduct the development of the infrastructure essential to carry out development projects.This is the position which establish and expand a development business with a  strong awareness of speed and quality.

Main Responsibilities:

Development side:

  • Team building (cultural development, recruitment, learning & development)
  • Project progress management (confirmation, report, adjustment)
  • Establish and execute a development project management system.
  • Keep track of resources and schedules, and respond to resource shortages and optimize resource allocation.

Business side:

  • She/he will set up and do onboard project teams including market, business and technical research (depending on the project).
  • Coordinate the sales and development teams at the start of the project.
  • Work with development team and sales team to coordinate with customers.
  • Work with development team and sales team to deliver reports and arrangements to the people involved.
  • Implement and arrange an in-depth report, contact, and consultation system to immediately resolve issues that have arisen in the project.


  • Vietnamese, and super fluent English (Japanese is a plus)
  • Have professional experience as an engineer. In particular, it is desirable to have experience of leading new technology acquisition. Experience leading a Vietnamese development team of less than 30 people, and management experience in an organization of 100-150 people.
  • Experience with customer interaction from customer development and from the development site
  • Insight in controlling engineers and Vietnamese culture. High-motivated self learner toward technology and development management knowledge.
  • Have experience of studying and/or working abroad, and experience in multiple cultures.

Please contact me for more detail via the below:


Skype: tamduonghuu

Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Ref No: HCM275

Application Deadline:

Type: Full time , Permanent

Salary Range: Negotiation