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Key responsibilities:

Group 1- Legal consultancy and document review

  • Legal advice in compliance with the applicable laws and internal regulations
  • Review, draft contracts, forms and other bank documents
  • Consult on implementation of legal documents; provide warning on risks or impacts upon regulation change
  • Monitor, check and give recommendations related to drafting, issuing and managing internal regulations; make plan to create/amend/supplement bank’s regulations compliance with applicable laws
  • Directly draft documents, procedures, regulations of section in charge or upon request by managers
  • Prepare internal training on laws/internal regulations for bank staff
  • Manage information of related laws/legal documents in relation with bank activities and especially for each divisions of bank; manage list of the internal regulations
  • Actively advice on bank activities; make recommendations or warning related to the compliance with the internal regulation/applicable law
  • Advice on complaint handling

Group 2- Dispute settlement

  • Act as focal point in dispute settlement with external parties, restrain risks and protect bank reputation when settling such disputes
  • Make, summit for approval for and perform bank’s regulations/process of dispute settlement and lawsuit
  • Advice, support to complete dossiers, procedures and legal argument documents for dispute settlement and lawsuit
  • Represent for bank to participate in lawsuits when being authorized
  • Provide advice, legal support for branches and other departments in debt handling and collection
  • Directly participate in debt handling at court, judgment enforcement agency when being appointed

Group 3 – Supervision for AML complying and other issues

  • Co-ordinate with relating divisions to perform policies, regulations and internal processes on AML, CTF and FATCA
  • Supervise compliance of bank with the applicable AML and FATCA laws
  • Support and legal advice on AML
  • Actively recommend opinions to improve compliance of bank with applicable laws and internal regulation


  • Lawyer certificate
  • Have a thorough knowledge of Vietnamese law
  • Have a good understanding of basic bank activities
  • Fluent in English
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in banking is preferred


Location: Ha Noi

Ref No: HVN05

Application Deadline: 9/2/2018

Type: Permanent

Salary Range:


Thanh Nguyen Tien

Thanh Nguyen Tien

ESS Manager