Leadership Assessment

Our solutions are customised to the needs of our clients, but we start by understanding what high performance in role or for the team would look like, to create a blueprint for talent evaluation.

We deploy the best mix of tools for the requirements of the role(s), and the goals and culture of the business, from:

  • Personality (psychometric) assessments
  • Ability and critical reasoning tests
  • Culture & motivational fit inventories
  • Structured, in-depth interviews
  • 360 feedback
  • Assessment activities such as business simulations, role plays and group exercises

We provide comprehensive feedback to create transparency and add value in the process.

We apply these principles to:

Assessments for Selection

The more that is known and understood about a potential key employee, the better the investment in that person will be. It is imperative to understand the person, to be able to assess the likelihood of them excelling in the role. The executive profiling process illuminates both past and current performance, capability and leadership style, as well as personal values and motivational drivers to take on a specific challenge. By surfacing potential risks, the organisation protects its brand, its employees, its investors and the interests of candidates. Our assessments include the use of a selection of psychometric tests as well as structured interviews focusing on personality, leadership, knowledge, and experience, which together with a background analysis form the basis for an interview performed by an expert consultant.

Second Opinion Assessments

Through our second opinion service, we offer organisations an objective evaluation of individuals who are being considered for employment, internal promotion or re-deployment. Second opinions are an exceptionally useful tool when the organisation needs to create transparency around the selection process when comparing external and internal candidates, and to form a better understanding of the candidate’s strengths and areas for development. We also provide this objective, third party insight when a client has sourced the candidate elsewhere.

Management Audit

A management audit involves conducting a thorough analysis of the senior team’s strengths and areas for development, in the context of the organisation’s business goals. The evaluation focuses on the qualities that are critical to the business and can be a helpful counter to any preconceptions held within the organisation. Our management audit ensures in-depth assessments at both the individual and team levels, including an exploration of team dynamics. All participants receive objective, open and honest feedback about their capabilities and how to enhance their contribution to the team.

High Potentials Identification

We provide a globally consistent, transparent and predictive diagnostic and development experience, that enables our clients to identify the readiness of their managers and high potentials for more senior leadership roles.

Board Evaluation

The strategic and performance related demands on the board are increasing - as a result a board review is crucial in ensuring effectiveness and success. Our quantitative and qualitative investigation provides an insight into how the board works and where there are areas for improvement. The evaluation highlights how the chairman and CEO perform their roles and manage their responsibilities, and what contribution each individual board member makes. The analysis of both the composition and expertise within the board is also of central importance.

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